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We just started our Summer Term, excited with the nature around us "exploding" again! The orchards getting full and green, flowers in blossom, butterflies coming back :)

Our theme weekends are also back, every two weeks, with a new lecture on the Saturday morning, 11 a.m.

The lecture is free, and if you want to stay for lunch the cost is €5. Anyone who wants to come for the whole weekend is certainly welcome: there is (as always) a talk on Friday night, a film on Saturday evening, and a small service on Sunday. Staying for the weekend costs €40.

Here's the list of all the coming lectures of this term. We're also attaching an image that you can keep in your phone with the dates, and our update - if you want to receive it through e-mail every 3 months, please subscribe in our home page.

Oh, and they are all also in the program page:

Hope you find some that interests you! To come - either just for the lecture, or the whole weekend - please subscribe through


21 May

Technology and Spirituality

Henk Reitsema

Is there a coherence between the digital and the spiritual?

This lecture will be given in Dutch, but an English

26-29 May


On this long weekend we are going to get to work on various projects in our woods, in the gardens and around the house. Friday and Saturday are work days, with a talk on Friday evening, a film on Saturday evening, and a small service on Sunday. The weekend is free, but come prepared to roll up your sleeves and work hard!

04 June

Who do people say we are: the representation of Christians in Pop Culture

Arthur Metz

Have you ever heard about Ned Flanders from The Simpsons? What about The Bishop from Les Misérables? In this lecture, we are going to analyze these and many other - so-called - "Christian Characters" in Pop Culture. From mocking to admiration, from hypocrites to heroes, we are going to see what is behind these characters, what society thinks about Christians, and why knowing these things is important for us to impact people with the Gospel. This lecture will be given in English, but a Dutch translation will be available.

18 June

The Uniqueness of Europe

Wim Rietkerk

In the worldwide conflict between autocracy and democracy, do we have to choose between the two? Or is there a third way? With attention for the background of the war in Ukraine. This lecture will be given in Dutch, but an English translation will be available.

02 July

Let’s Hear It for Stress!

Robb Ludwick

We already know a lot about how unhealthy stress can be for our bodies, emotions and spirits. But has our concern gone too far, so that we think we should have no stress at all? Can some stress be good for us? The biblical vision is more holistic than we realize! This lecture will be given in Dutch, but an English translation will be available.

16 July

Care for the Climate: Crisis and Hope

Jaël van der Woude

What are the different underlying thought patterns which have made it difficult for us to deal well with climate problems? And what is the Christian response?

Update 5 zomer 2022
Download PDF • 183KB

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

After some requests we have printed a couple of copies of our latest Cookbook. Also a publication made in November 2021, when we celebrated the 50th anniversary of dutch L'abri. This little book gathers 53 recipes - from starters to desserts - some of the most "famous", repeated or celebrated dishes in these past years :)

You can access the online version through this link:

Or purchase the print version here at L'abri, with a cost of 7,50 euro or 10 euro including delivery. Mail us with your details and address in this case.

In 2021 we celebrated dutch L'abri 50th Anniversary! And as a part of this celebration we gathered 100 articles that were published through the LEV newsletter.

In 1996 the first LEV newsletter was broadcast. It was the fruit of a lot of creative thinking and passionate work: literally a new expression of the mission and vision of Nederlands l'Abri. As an introduction to the first edition, Wim Rietkerk put it very nicely:

The name LEV was chosen not because we feel so heroic, but because the word 'lev' in Hebrew means 'heart'. In Proverbs 4:23 we read that "out of the heart are the goings out of life." In l'Abri's work, we are always concerned with person-to-person contact at that level: from heart to heart. We give studies, lectures and weekends that always want to get to the bottom of the question: what are the starting points of your life? From the heart, all life also comes into view. L'Abri can also be recognized by this.

The whole breadth of our culture and society is addressed in our work… the main content of LEV will always be an up-to-date lecture – given here and now in our work and launched directly because of the importance of what it broaches for the confrontation between the Gospel and Modern Man. We look for the heart of our fellow man. Where is he or she? What drives them? How can we understand them, identify with them and answer their questions?

LEV has had this role in our work for 25 years. It has taken different forms, all adapting choices according to the developments and the needs of a particular moment. And now at a time when all kinds of digital means allow even more expansion of our reach, it seemed an appropriate time to stop publishing LEV in print for the transmission of our lectures and studies.

And yet. So that this material would not only be stored somewhere in a folder or a digital archive, we also thought it appropriate to make such a bundle now to celebrate our 50th anniversary. In this bonded form, these articles will have another chance to continue to play their part in what we do. Not only as a retrospective but also as an ongoing testimony to the relevance of the gospel for all time.

We hope and pray that this material will, as always, end up in the right hands and in front of the right eyes. Thanks to the God who provides and blesses us with our head, heart, and hands in this work, we are publishing this volume for building His kingdom.

There still some books avaliable for purchasing. If you come and buy them here, it will cost 13,50 euro. But we can also send it to your house, just let us know through e-mail. The cost then will be 18 euro (book + delivery).

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