Residential Study Centre

The Dutch l’Abri is open for guests who want to spend here a couple of weeks or even a full term as a “student”.

l’Abri offers a customized study format in which personal interests and questions are leading. The study program is determined jointly with one of the l’abri workers. The program for residential guests is all in English (or is translated)!

In each l’abri you’ll not only find people between books and tapes (mp3) but also in discussion around a fireplace, painting, weeding or doing the dishes. Everybody studies for half a day and works the other part. This working has an important social function. The atmoshpere in l’abri is personal and informal.

Please feel free to contact us if you’re interested in joining us during one of the periods as mentioned below.

Winter Term 2017: 10 January – 3 April
Summer Term 2017: 8 May – 24 July
Fall Term 2017: 28 August – 4 December

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