Residential Study Centre

The residential study center in Eck en Wiel is open for guests who want to spend anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks as part of our community.

All guests create a personal study program together with a tutor from the staff, according to their interests and questions. Our library is full of material in English and Dutch. In the ‘study time’ each morning between breakfast and lunch the guests are in the library or having personal meetings with their tutors.

The second half of the day between lunch and dinner is ‘work time’ where we all share in the various tasks that keep the house up and running. Three evenings per week there is a lecture, bible study or film discussion, and lunches are reserved for a formal discussion together around one topic.

About once a month there is also a ‘theme weekend’ in the house in Eck en Wiel, with lectures concentrated around one topic. These gatherings are aimed primarily at the Dutch public, but there is always either translation into English or English is spoken.

The costs are 20 euros per person per night. These costs are all-inclusive: meals, room, sheets, laundry and participation in the program.

Please feel free to contact us if you’re interested in joining us during one of the periods as mentioned below.

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