Residential Study Center Eck en Wiel

The residential location of the Dutch l’Abri is located in a more rural part of the Netherlands, about one hour travel from Amsterdam. Visitors can spend here a short or longer period as a student. l’Abri offers a customized study format in which personal interests and questions are leading. The study program is determined jointly with one of the l’abri workers.

It is also the location for Theme Weekends that are organized (primarily) for the Dutch public.

Please read the page about l’Abri for more information. You can also call us at +31 (0)344 691914 or email via if you are interested to stay in Kortenhoeve for a period of time.

The following activities are currently planned in Eck en Wiel:


Burgemeester Verbrughweg 40
Eck en Wiel

4024 HR