A Day in the Life of l’Abri

Here below a list of some of the activities that are organized in Eck en Wiel as part of our residential study center program:

    • Breakfast is served each morning at 8:30, and is “continental” in style; tea, toast, cereal, with porridge or eggs offered a couple times a week.
    • Study Time follows breakfast. This is also the time when tutorials take place. The library has over 5,000 books, and over 2,700 recorded Lectures.
    • Coffee Breaks – where would L’Abri be without the all important Tea Times? Take a break from study or work, and join in a conversation or merely relax.
    • Lunch at L’Abri is often referred to as “formal,” for it’s during this meal that the guests choose a topic to be discussed, moderated by a Worker.
    • Work Time provides everyone with the chance to pitch in and help with the daily chores that keep L’Abri functioning as a community.
    • Dinner is held at 6:30 in the evenings and while not formal, offers another chance to continue discussions, or simply enjoying the food.
    • Lectures are offered twice-weekly and also during Theme Weekends, covering a vast array of subjects, often flowing from the lunch discussions.
    • Days Off are on Thursday. Taking a bike and going on a picnic. Or visiting a museum in Amsterdam, or a cafe in Tiel, or just spending the day loafing around.